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TU Graz - ZID: Netzwerk-Zugang

Login - TU Graz

- Auch im Gästehaus am Hilmteich (Leechwaldvilla) besteht die Möglichkeit ins TUGnet bzw. Ins Internet einzusteigen (auch per wlan allerdings ist dieser Zugang nur authentifiziert entweder per eduroam, mit einem PPPoE-Client (nur für Bewohner mit einem Account der TU Graz) oder per VPN möglich, wobei man dafür einen campusonline-Account an einer Grazer Universität braucht. Zugang zum TU Graz TeachCenter für Life Long Learning Kurse; Account anlegen mit Selbstregistrierung (Voraussetzung: kein aktiver tugrazonline-Account vorhanden). Download and Install digiCert High Assurance EV Root because of the need of an internet connection to do this you should download the certificate while connected to TUGnet. Only some basic services like http(S (S-)POP and (S-)imap are supported; for external connections you will be redirected to a login-page, where you have to enter your access-data; via an VPN-client all connections will be encrypted and you can use.

TU Graz - ZID: Network Access

- Um einen erhaltenen PIN-Code einzulösen, folgen Sie dem Link für Ihre Benutzergruppe. Occupants of our Guesthouse ( Leechwaldvilla ) can connect authenticated to TUGnet (and Internet) using either eduroam, PPPoE client software (only members and guests with account of TU Graz) or VPN. Even for VPN you need a campusonline account at one of the universities of Graz. Username: Your tugrazonline username followed by @ (only lower case letters, do not use your email address!). Email, internet access, computer work stations, recordings of courses, software for research and teaching, server housing, high-performance computing these are just a few of the services offered by the Services Department IT Services (ZID).

TU Graz - ZID: Configuration for Members of TU Graz

- Please configure your computer to use dhcp. Configuration for Members of TU Graz. If you are using Android deselect Back up my data in Settings Privacy or Settings Backup and reset. Eduroam supported on most universities; Login: and network access password, tUG not encrypted! For an overview on all publications from ITP please refer.

Use, Borrow and Download Resources - TU Graz

- TU Graz students and staff can access electronic library resources from outside the IP range of the university. The way of getting access depends on the resources you want to use: TU Graz LibrarySearch. Most of our e-books are listed in the TU Graz LibrarySearch. Password: You can set your network access password in your tugrazonline business card:  "Change Password" (Install and) Configure a, supplicant for 802.1X, without you can't connect to eduroam network.

(Install and) Configure a, vPN Client Software. If you are using Android deselect "Back up my data" in "Settings Privacy" or "Settings Backup and reset". The IT services support you in studying, teaching and researching at TU Graz and beyond. Only if VPN is needed. Settings: WPA2, AES, peap, mschapv2. It provides students, employees, and staff in administration and management at TU Graz with a suitable IT infrastructure. A tutorial by Stefan Kroboth. If you are using Windows 10 (Mobile) or Windows Phone.1 do not enable "Share network with my contacts" at least for eduroam or your password will be sent to your contacts! Each person who is going to work in one of our laboratories has to read and follow the associated rules: There are 3 wlans available in most of our areas: TUG-WPA encrypted, all services supported; Login: TUGonline-username and network access password. After installing the certificate you have to configure your eduroam profile to accept only this certificate! Please test all your settings within TUGnet! Configuration Assistant Tool, there is a, cAT available for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS.7, iOS, Android.3 and Linux. For some versions of Linux it will not work, then you have to use the manual configuration as outlined in the next section. Manual Configuration for Other Clients. The Service Department IT Services (ZID) is the main provider of IT services at TU Graz. How to create stable terminal-sessions to our cuda-PCs. Otherwise Google will get all your wlan passwords in the clear! Bachelor thesis are only available if you connect from a client inside. Please verify the, radius server every time you connect! We have got a, laTeX template for bachelor thesis; this also contains useful information regarding structuring, length, etc. TU Graz network; otherwise please use a, vPN connection for access.

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