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Site-to-Site VPN Troubleshooting Tips - Cisco Community

Solved: Troubleshooting IPSec Site-to-Site VPN

- Firstly, the two most important commands when troubleshooting any vpn tunnel on a cisco device:. "show crypto isakmp sa" or "sh cry isa sa". "show crypto ipsec sa" or "sh cry ips sa". In this post, we are going to go over troubleshooting our VPN using debug commands. What is ASP in ASA?

Troubleshooting Site to Site VPN Implem

- The first command will show the state of the tunnel. Troubleshooting IPSec Site-to-Site VPN between ASA and 1841 Hi All i have made a site to site ipsec tunnel between Cisco ASA and Juniper SRX ter configurgartion i get ipsec and IKE both phase. Scenario 1: site to site vpn config not working. Feb 29 11:49:08 IKEv1Group, IP, Removing peer from correlator table failed, no match! So we have 2500 users that are the max number, but if I have 3 simultaneous logins per user nbsp.

ASA VPN How I Troubleshoot ASA VPN Connection Problems

- Problem: User have just attempted to configure a test site to site VPN. Diagram of arrangement is attached. Router R2 is supposed to act like the 'Internet' just to allow connectivity between both networks. Tunnel-group ipsec-attributes pre-shared-key this-is-the-pre-shared-key Again if you cant check the other end then issue the following debug and the following will tell you if there is a key mismatch. Mismatch Diffie-Hellman Group in isakmp policy.

KB ID 0000216, problem, site to Site VPNs either work faultlessly straight away, or involve head scratching and a call to Cisco. Before you start : We are looking at phase 2 problems, make sure phase 1 has established! In this case the error will appear and dissapear and the connection is repeatedly torn down.g crypto map outside_map 20 set pfs example phase 1 PRE shared keys dont match Password: Type help or? Check your Pre-Shared Keys match on the ASA issue a more system:running-config then keep pressing the space bar till you see the tunnel- group and shared key.g. Aborting Feb 17 12:25:23 IKEv1IP, Header invalid, missing SA payload! At this point, the debug output will indicate that Phase 2 has completed. The IP address of the far firewall is incorrect in the tunnel-group, issue a show run tunnel-group command, check you have a tunnel group with the correct IP address. If you have got this far the next step is to troubleshoot Phase 2 Related Articles, References, Credits, or External Links Troubleshooting Phase 2 Cisco Site to Site (L2L) VPN Tunnels Thanks To Steve Housego for the Certificate Phase 1 Error details. If not then the ACL is wrong, theres a routing problem or a subnet mask is wrong on the firewalls internal interface. As you can see, the initiator is offering tunnel and the responder rejects it in this debug from the responder: Now  I'm going to fat finger the peer IP address in the crypto map and see what happens. ( Geek Note: These denote the TWO tunnels ipsec brings up inside the original isakmp tunnel that it then passes information up one and down the other like a two lane road). Note: If you see AG_something this means you are trying to bring the tunnel up in aggressive mode! Petes-ASA(config crypto ca trustpoint PNL-Trustpoint ignore-ipsec-keyusage Petes-ASA# debug crypto ikev1 Petes-ASA# Feb 17 12:25:17 IKEv1Group, IP, Received encrypted Oakley Main Mode packet with invalid payloads, MessID 0 Feb 17 12:25:17 IKEv1Group, IP, error, had problems decrypting packet, probably due to mismatched pre-shared key.

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