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Xpost /r/synology Setting Up the haugene-transmission-openvpn

Synology NAS - docker-transmission-openvpn

- Now that Docker s installed on your Synology NAS, time to create and configure a container with the haugene-transmission-openvpn image. Connect as admin to your Synology SSH; Switch to root with command sudo su -; Enter your admin password when prompted; Create a file anywhere. I m using this container via Docker on my Synology DS918. Name it whatever you like, user: root, event: Boot-up. These kind of task doesn't work on my nas so I just made a task that run every minute.

Haugene Transmission OpenVPN Not Working Anymore Synology Community

- Had this running very smoothly for months, but then decided to change my folder. Network/General - Default gateway is VPN interface. Firewall rules don t allow transmission on LAN1 but allowed on LAN2. Now, back to the Docker app for the final configuration. Review the settings to make sure you didnt miss anything.

How to route all Transmission traffic over VPN only?

- This is a special script for Synology NAS that helps you force Transmission s connection under the VPN you specify. It works with L2TP, pptp, and OpenVPN. When a connect my VPN access (Hidemyass) in my Synology NAS, I can get a new IP Address and new gateway IP Address but the port. Stops the VPN, binds to Transmission sh repair - Repair. Installation Steps, step 1, determine your puid and pgid values. Ex: TCP On the Environment tab, specify the following variables and leave the rest as default for now: Variable Value openvpn_config Check haugene's GitHub and take down how the.ovpn file is named.

Mrjackyliang/transmissionVPN: Route Transmission though

- By haugene Updated a month ago. Docker container which runs Transmission torrent client with WebUI while connecting. This is a guide on setting up Deluge with OpenVPN on a Synology using a Docker. You will also need to replace foldername for the commands in the remainder of this guide. VPN_user Your VPN username from your VPN provider. Insert the following text.

Ko fi, file Save As, navigate to the folder you created and save the file. Expand the docker folder, expand the delugevpn folder, and select config. This script is purely useful for checking if your Transmission connection is working properly, and breaks Transmission if the VPN connection is off to prevent a leak. If you're in doubt, sudo run the script through SSH (if you're on Windows, you will need CygWin and OpenSSH - bin and src - installed). Step 5 Configure the General container settings Either keep the default entry or give the Container Name a name you would like. Each configuration ID (per VPN connection) is unique and YOU must connect to your Synology NAS though SSH or Telnet to retrieve. Enter your admin password when prompted, create a file anywhere in your synology file system by typing vim /volume1/foldername/ replacing foldername with any folder you created on your Synology. See the references below. Ex: if you use Private Internet Access, click on the "pia" directory. Confirm the VPN is Working To confirm the VPN is working, you can use one of the following tools: Excuse me if I skipped a couple of steps, I wrote this guide from memory nearly one month after receiving my NAS and getting this setup. If it cannot find one, it will shut off VPN and prevent Transmission from working. If everything is working you should be able to connect to your Synology on the port you specified and get access to the Deluge interface for final configuration. Pgid This is the value from step. Name_servers Set to your DNS servers. Paste @timkelty 's script : #!/bin/sh # Create the necessary file structure for /dev/net/tun if ! See here for details. Deluge is my current favorite torrent client on the Synology. VPN_interval - The time (in seconds) to wait between each retry (default is 30 ). There is a couple more things necessary to make this work so make sure the container is set to not run after creation. References m/r/binhex/arch-delugevpn/ / Related. Debug Set to false.

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