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TunSafe : High Performance WireGuard, vPN Client for Windows

TunSafe VPN - Apps on Google Play

- TunSafe : High Performance WireGuard, vPN Client for Windows. TunSafe makes it extremely simple to setup secure. VPN tunnels between, windows and Linux. That can be done, of course, from the TunSafe software without rebooting the system, by disabling the kill switch option. TunSafe is a very promising new project, consisting of an implementation of the.

Review (includes free WireGuard, vPN service)

- Download, tunSafe for, windows. The installation program is the most convenient way to install TunSafe as it picks the version that matches your computer and. VPN service where we offer privacy completely free of charge. The iOS client is available for download from the. In some cases, depending on time of day and the servers used, the speed surpassed what we would normally expect from a commercial VPN, so thats a plus for this free service.

TunSafe : A High Performance WireGuard, vPN Client for Windows

- To get started, download, tunSafe or another WireGuard client. TunSafe VPN for Android uses the official, tunSafe VPN servers by default. When using those, there s no need to setup an account, just click a single button and all. The Android TunSafe VPN app is simplistic, yet it comes with pretty much everything you need to get connected immediately. TunSafe is a free app which let you connect to WireGuard compatible VPN servers. Ludvig Strigeus, who is best known for developing Torrent and Spotify.

Review (2020 My Personal Experience

- TunSafe VPN uses the official. TunSafe VPN servers by default. When using those, there s no need to setup an account, just click a single button and all your. WireGuard is a registered trademark of Jason. TunSafe free VPN service, while the project is in test phase, the developer provides a free VPN service which you can use. Once generated, the conf file must be downloaded and its content copy pasted into the Edit Config window in TunSafe software.

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- TunSafe VPN is an app that provides access to WireGuard-compatible. VPN servers from Android devices. Completely Free No Ads - Written. In Settings, theres a Kill Switch toggle, options to connect automatically when app is started and when the Android device is powered-on, allow traffic to LAN devices, show the ping latency to servers as well as displaying the IP address (real or VPN). Completely Free No Ads, written in C for maximum battery life. Pros: Solid, well-made VPN client apps supporting WireGuard protocol bullet-proof killswitch implementation in TunSafe VPN app for Windows open-source and free to use no shady or unknown entity behind the project, but a well-known developer free VPN service (experimental) available.

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- In this review, we will use the. TunSafe free, vPN servers for our tests. After downloading and installing the, tunSafe software for, windows, a conf. WireGuard, vPN protocol in the form of open-source VPN client apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD as well as mobile platforms iOS and Android. We also have a bleeding edge Android version that you have to install manually. Includes the official TunSafe VPN servers.

The official TunSafe VPN servers provides 30 days trial. Is it some shady, unknown entity registered off-shore? All you have to do is to get a new conf file and copy it to Tunsafes config folder, default on Windows being C:Program FilesTunSafeConfig. Many features: Kill-Switch, LAN-IP bypass, Excluded apps. After downloading and installing the TunSafe software for Windows, a conf file must be generated on TunSafe website. Works with your own WireGuard config files. After killing the process, the WireGuard connection went down as expected, but no traffic was possible through the physical connection. Other interesting feature of the free VPN service is that the WireGuard server ports can be chosen from the entire 1-65535 range, thus helping in by-passing firewalls and ISP restrictions in some cases by establishing the WireGuard VPN connection over. Fully anonymous and we have no traffic logs. Rebooting the system disabled the kill switch as promised, although not needed unless the TunSafe software cant be started for some reason. It comes with a built-in list of servers provided for free by TunSafe, and you can easily add your own by importing the config file(s if you are running your own WireGuard server and are familiar with setting. In the Advanced tab, you can see your public key, information about handshakes, overhead and traffic transfered. When Kill-Switch is enabled all internet traffic will be blocked in case the VPN connection is lost. Support, everything about TunSafe is very well documented and community support is available on IRC and a forum. TunSafe is not sponsored or endorsed by Jason. The multihop setup can use the following locations as a 1st hop: Netherlands, UK, US and the 2nd hop can be located in any of the same 3 locations. TunSafe VPN uses the official TunSafe VPN servers by default. Whats really nice about this basic VPN client software is that it has built-in kill-switch capabilities, which is a key feature implemented in most apps provided by commercial VPN providers. Adding new servers is very easy and similar to OpenVPN GUI. You can get to the folder quickly by making use of the Browse in Explorer option in the File menu. In the Options menu, it has an Exclude Apps menu you might be familiar with from other VPN apps such as OpenVPN for Android, StrongSwan VPN app and commercial VPN apps based on OpenVPN for Android. Unlike OpenVPN based connections and similar to the desktop VPN app, the connection is established almost instantly. Testing connection speed wasnt really a priority in this review, since its a free service one could benefit from for privacy/security purposes and mainly to test-drive the new WireGuard VPN protocol. After these 30 days the bandwidth is limited to 1GB/day. Other useful information displayed is a traffic chart for download and upload speed, time since the connection was made and the total traffic transferred for the session. With the LAN-IP bypass Excluded apps features you can customize what traffic that should bypass the VPN connection. Why choose TunSafe VPN for Android? No registration required, generous usage limits and no time limits. This feature comes handy if you dont want all apps to use the VPN connection.

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