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Touch VPN Review - The Worst We've Reviewed

Read This Touch VPN Review and Test Before You Buy It!

- Aug 28, 2019 Touch VPN (at least) admits to logging your personal information (unlike other free. VPNs that outright lie to you ). They collect your information by logging your data. In fact, we performed a series of tests and had a success rate. With only 30 servers around the globe, Touch VPN wont be able to provide you with a stable and robust connection. An OpenVPN protocol uses the said level of encryption by default.

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- They say that theyre doing this to provide you with better services and for statistical purposes and, of course. Jan 08, 2020 When, touch VPN started out a couple of years ago, people were eager to try something different from the leading providers. At first glance, this provider offered an innovative user interface and the. 20 20 Not Good Pros 100 free service Decent speed No need to register No data cap Cons Abandoned from dev's side Questionable privacy policy and ownership Outdated design Overall 2 User Ratings (1 Votes).9 add-on browser. If streaming is a do or die situation for you, discover our guide that unearths about Netflix VPNs.

Touch VPN Free VPN 2020 for Chrome Review Test VPN Den

- VPN was completely free of charge. Mar 13, 2018 Touch VPN is a popular free, vPN download which supports Windows, iOS, Android and Chrome. The iOS version has ads and an optional ad-free version available for.99 ( 22). Add slow connection speeds, lack. When we visited, the last 18 reviews were identical, all giving five stars but all using the same text. But is that true for Touch VPN will your data be safe with it?

Touch VPN Review 2020 - Does This Free VPN Service Keep Logs?

- Mar 10, 2019 Touch VPN, free. VPN 2019 for Chrome Review Test. Touch VPN or, touchVPN for Chrome is an add-on which will help you unblock online content and at the same time hide your IP location. Thus, lets take a look at how Touch VPN did on our performance-related tests. Trustpilot Score.8, n/A, website, purevpn, touch VPN, without further ado, let us start: Jurisdiction.

Thats why we really recommend you to avoid this addon. . In case you are seeking for more privacy and encryption of all your internet connection, including other apps than your browser. After trying to perform P2P transfers via multiple servers, including ones in the US and Europe, we had limited success. Touch VPN Alternatives Or, if youre ready to commit to a commercial VPN, we highly recommend choosing between CyberGhost, NordVPN, and, of course, ExpressVPN. This is certainly not something you are looking to get out of a VPN provider. And ideally, don't use it at all. On the other hand, you will need to pay.99. We also have some questions about privacy. This tailed off drastically as we tried more distant servers US to UK connections were barely 5Mbps but thats still enough to handle basic tasks. Customer Support On customer support front, you will not find so many options. Touch VPN also adds a Performance Widget on your lock screen, forcing an extra swipe before you can fire up your device. For our test, we chose two servers: one in the. Maybe the rating wasn't as impressive as it first seemed, after all. A provider that has this ability is of great value, considering the strong restriction algorithm that the popular streaming platform has imposed. Given the fact that this is a completely free provider, we presumed that the speeds would not perform as desired. That suggests Touch VPN has something to offer, and if the original owners left at acquisition time, it might also explain why there's little going on right now. The fact that Touch VPN doesnt feature 256-bit AES encryption means that your data is not as well protected. These services are a lot more reliable, have better performance, and dont spy on the users. Even with those that we could connect to, the speeds were incredibly slow. It is slow, limited, and doesnt support much more than regular browsing activity. In this case, it is selling your data to third parties. However, you should know that most free software, including Virtual Private Networks, sell your personal information to third parties. Touch VPN's website says absolutely nothing about any of that on its main page, unfortunately, so we decided to check out the small print. Hence, you can claim for the refund hassle-free. Unfortunately, it didnt do much better in these areas. For example, after using the extension for a while, it asks you to share it on your social media feed before you can link to a specific location. You should rather check our comparison of Best VPN solutions out there. P2P support, and DNS leaks, and youll get a below-average product. You can consider these plans in the form of monthly and yearly. Thus, users do not have to bother themselves about any kind of payment method whatsoever. The good news is there is no limit on the number of simultaneously protected devices. Likewise, Touch VPN has not provided details regarding its physical and virtual servers.

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