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Touch VPN - Secure and unlimited VPN proxy - Google

Touch VPN - Secure and unlimited VPN proxy

- Unblock any website and stay secure with. One-click connect to our fast VPN. Unlimited bandwidth and completely free! Anyway, youll still be able to use their VPN service on Chrome Web Browser, just since the service seems abandoned (last update: October 31, 2018 we would recommend you to rather check other. Several of these websites can be used for tracking, and as Touch VPN doesn't have a privacy policy we can trust, there's no way to be sure what it might be doing. Anonymous details logged include "your approximate geo-location, hardware specifications, browser type and version, the date of the Software installation, the date of your last use of the Services, your operating system type, version and language, registry entries, your URL requests and respective time stamps.".

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- Unlimited bandwidth and completely. The, chrome store explained that, touch VPN s extension can connect you to, sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, United States. Chrome browser extension is equally easy.  If you just need to unblock a restricted content quickly, it might be fine as a one-off solution. You can connect to any of the servers below (Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, United States, Netherlands, and Canada) to enjoy unlimited online privacy and freedom.

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- What may be a bit problematic for inexperienced users is getting. TouchVPN to work on Windows,. TouchVPN or, touch VPN for chrome is a free VPN provider that helps you to unblock censored. Even though its still listed on their website as a supported platform, the download button will direct you to Google Play Store! Another setting option offers a choice of VPN protocols including OpenVPN UDP, TCP, and HydraVPN (there's no explanation of what the latter might be).

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- We based our review on these categories. We reviewed and rated it the worst VPN we ve ever tried. We went through the ins. When connecting to a VPN server through Touch VPN for example - it sets up a secured and encrypted connection to the server in another country. Get access to sites that are blocked or censored by government, school or workplace. We're unsure why each client performed differently, but one explanation might be that they're using different servers within the same country, and some of these help bypass geo-blocks, while others don't.

Log in using a third-party account, such as Facebook, and the site could also get access to your "user name, email address, profile picture, birthday, gender and preferences.". When youre connected to a public Wi-Fi Hotspot, your name, passwords, and personal information can be easily compromised. No session, speed or bandwidth limitations. While the speed wasnt that bad, the privacy concerns are just too much to overcome. TouchVPN for Chrome Logo, after reviewing Touch VPN, we have found out that services performance, features, server network, and offerings mainly depend on the platform or operating system you decide to use. Unfortunately, we have not been able to connect to Netflix and Hulu. The list of locations changes again, unfortunately, dropping a few from the Windows build. You can choose a location, click Connect or Disconnect, and that's essentially. Adding Touch VPN to your Google Chrome Browser is really easy, all you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps below Go to Touch VPN Chrome Store page. You're able to choose a specific location, or allow the app to select the best one automatically, then connect and disconnect with a click. Alternatively, tap a Click to Connect button and Touch VPN automatically chooses a location for you. Touch VPN encrypts your data and provides you with banking-level security for the best protection. Visiting t showed Touch VPN was always assigning us servers in the locations we were promised, but our original DNS servers were still visible to anyone who looked. Although Touch VPN doesn't display ads, as far as we could tell, there are one or two marketing tricks. For example, after using the extension for a while, it asks you to share it on your social media feed before you can link to a specific location. The Chrome browser extension has seven available locations (United States, Russia, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Netherlands). The iOS version has ads and an optional ad-free version available for.99 (22) a year. Touch VPN also adds a Performance Widget on your lock screen, forcing an extra swipe before you can fire up your device. Or it's a clumsy cut-and-pasted fake, in which case we're struggling to see why we should believe anything else the company says. Google, chorfree, googleapis, hsselite, firebaseio, m, and. Touch VPN is quite straight forward, all elements are well located and use of it is very simple. Unable to access some websites or apps? Thats why we really recommend you to avoid this addon. . Anything you send or receive on your mobile devices on public WiFi can be intercepted, which makes your personal information such as your passwords, pictures, app data and other private information vulnerable to hackers. The policy says "we do not make any efforts to reveal your identity through this information but we'll leave you to decide how reassured you should. We installed the extension anyway, and noticed it required more permissions than we were expecting. Secured: Our strong SSL encryption will make you fully anonymous and secured. Support: If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send an email to:!, what is a VPN, vPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

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